Glossima & Wehrheim’s roots go back to 1982, when the Wehrheim translation and interpreting agency was first founded. Eight years later, Glossima was established in Thessaloniki, its main objective being the management of terminology projects for the European Commission’s EDIC programme. In 1995 the two agencies joined forces to form the Glossima & Wehrheim translation, interpreting and dictionary publishing company.

Our company has translated millions of words over the last decades, and our passion for our work remains undiminished. Every translation, interpreting and terminology project we undertake is treated with the same enthusiasm as when we first started out. Because, for us, languages provide an endless field for exploration and knowledge. Because we have built up excellent relationships with our customers over the years. Because we know well that good translations connect us to the world and our time.


“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.”—Günter Grass

We watch your language!

We choose our words carefully. We want every text we translate to reflect the original in the most faithful and natural way possible.

We cater for businesses, the scientific/academic community, industry and the market in general. However, we are not a “word-producing factory”.

Terminology bases, thesauruses, reference materials, updated dictionaries and translation memories are our working tools and they certainly are remarkable tools. However, they alone cannot get the meaning across in the right words and in the right order.

This is what the Glossima & Wehrheim team undertakes to do: provide quality translations which serve the purposes of the original and can, in the end, be used as a new, original text rendered into the target language.

We combine our professional competence with certified work processes:

• We adapt the translation by taking into account not only the meaning of the words, but also the purpose for which the translation is intended, as well as the specific target group. “Word-for-word” translation is never an option for us.
• We always check the terminology sources and reference texts in order to provide the best possible rendition.
• All texts undergo the necessary checks before reaching the client in their final form (proofreading / editing processes).
• We place great importance on ongoing training in new technologies as a means to improve the way we operate, enhance our services and add value to our team.

Whether we are translating or interpreting for you, we make sure that your message is conveyed from one language to another, carrying the same weight and sounding as natural as the original, without anybody getting lost in translation. For decades now, our customers have known this and our awards have confirmed. Glossima & Wehrheim’s achievements include, among others:

• Recognition of our translations by foreign consulates in Greece
• Innovation Excellence Award for our method of operation (2004)
• International recognition as the first translation company to have been certified for meeting the requirements of the European standard ELOT EN 15038/2006 – translation services.