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The difference between the almostright word and the right word is really a large matter - 'tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.
Mark Twain

The Company

Glossima & Wehrheim is a language service provider with a long history, that has kept its ideas fresh through working with young people. For more than three decades we have offered certified, high quality translation and interpretation services to all types of small and large businesses, as well as private individuals, in the Greek and global markets. Over the last ten years, guided by the increasing needs of our 1500+ clients, we have created a global network of associates, consisting of more than 300 professionals, in order to offer additional services, besides translations and interpreting, such as copywriting, website-adapted content, SEO translation, graphic design and language adaptation of multilingual documents, transcription, subtitling, and video language processing.


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The founders of Glossima & Wehrheim, Savvas Pavlidis and Anne Wehrheim, created this company because of their great passion to communicate through language. During this journey, beginning in 1982, they brought together associates who had proven their worth, they secured cutting edge technology, and they applied specialised quality control techniques, making Glossima & Wehrheim the most dynamic language service enterprise in Greece today, and amongst the most dynamic translation companies in Europe.

All of us at Glossima & Wehrheim love what we do and we translate this love into the high value services we provide to all our clients, large or small. And this is because We watch your language, as though it were our own…

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Our Philosophy

We watch your language!

Over the past decades we have translated millions of words and, nonetheless, our passion for every translation, interpretation, and terminology project that we undertake, remains just as vibrant as it was at the start! Because, for us, languages provide an endless field for exploration and knowledge. Because we have shared a unique quality of steady, sincere and creative communication with our clients and associates. Because we are fully aware that good translations connect us to the world and our times.

We choose our words carefully. We want every text we translate to convey what you want it to express as truly and naturally as possible. We cater to businesses, the scientific/academic community, industries, and the market in general. However, we are not a “word-production factory”.

Terminology bases, thesauruses, reference materials, updated dictionaries, and translation memories are our working tools, and they certainly are remarkable tools. However, they alone cannot convey meaning in the right words and in the right order.

This is what the Glossima & Wehrheim team provides: Quality translations that serve the purposes of the original text and which, in the end, may be used as a new, original text, in the target language.

Language services adapted to your needs

Whether translating, interpreting, or providing another language service, at Glossima & Wehrheim we select our associates from a broad range of translators who specialise in specific sectors.

Law. Science and Technology, Construction and Machinery, Economics and Accounting, Architecture, Chemistry, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Arts and Culture, History and Archaeology, and Marketing are some of the sectors in which we offer specialised language products.

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Multilingual communication

Did you get your tongue twisted?

At Glossima & Wehrheim we provide translation services in over 60 language combinations! Ask us about the language of the country you are interested in and we will inform you of the cost per language combination.

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Documents with personal data, business secrets, or sensitive medical data, contain information that’s hard to trust with third parties. At Glossima & Wehrheim we work with such documents on a daily basis.

Apart from our trained staff, bound by special contracts, at Glossima & Wehrheim we have invested in high specification technical infrastructure for the physical and digital protection of your documents or texts.

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Cutting edge technology

We are living in the era of ever more rapidly changing technology! And Glossima & Wehrheim intends to keep up with it.

Cutting edge translation tools, specialised format file processing, and a familiarity with digital marketing tools are our weapons to ensure that we honour deadlines and deliver high quality services.

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We approach every language service we undertake as a new challenge for us.

Our clients realised this decades ago and Glossima & Wehrheim’s distinctions guarantee it.

International recognition as the first translation company to be certified for meeting the requirements of the European standard ELOT EN 15038/2006 – translation services.

Recognition of our translations by foreign consulates in Greece.

Innovation Excellence Award for our method of operation (2004).

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