After 36 years in the translation market, Glossima & Wehrheim are indisputably the most trustworthy choice for your every translation need.

Based in Thessaloniki, with more than 1500 clients throughout Greece and Europe, specialising in disciplines such as Law, Technology, the Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, and the Arts, the name Glossima & Wehrheim has become synonymous with the highest quality publications in the Arts and Culture, with the Greek Industry and Light Industry sectors, which it has provided with a number of technical translations, as well as promotional and advertisement texts, such as website translations or digital content in general.

We have developed a network of more than 300 associates, with 35 mother tongues, based in 30 countries. And that number continues to grow, due to your ever increasing needs. Our quality certification, in accordance with ISO 17100 international model on translation, and Glossima & Wehrheim’s well-trained project managers, who always ensure that your translations are undertaken immediately and delivered before the agreed upon deadline, are our guarantee. And this is because We watch your language, as though it were our own. We take all translation projects personally, whether they be the translation and validation of a certificate, or long-term technical or specialised content projects.

Σημαντική ενημέρωση

Οι εργασίες της Glossima &Wehrheim συνεχίζονται κανονικά. Στέλνετε τις παραγγελίες σας στο ή μέσω της φόρμας ζήτησης προσφοράς.

Στο πλαίσιο της εταιρικής κοινωνικής ευθύνης και συμμορφούμενη προς τις αποφάσεις του κρατικού μηχανισμού για τον περιορισμό της εξάπλωσης του ιού Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019), διακόπτουμε τις διά ζώσης συναλλαγές με το κοινό κατά την περίοδο από 13 έως 31 Μαρτίου.

Όλες οι μεταφραστικές εργασίες παραδίδονται ηλεκτρονικά και, εφόσον απαιτείται, στην πρωτότυπη μορφή τους μέσω courier στη διεύθυνση που θα μας υποδείξετε.

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