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Commerce and tourism have always been crucial for Greece’s economy. The nature of commercial and tourism activity requires high levels of language communication every step of the way. That is why at Glossima & Wehrheim we have developed a department that provides specialised language services exclusively on Commerce and Tourism. Thus, by first providing a high quality service that meets your needs, we feel that we are contributing to one of Greece’s national goals.

Professional experience

Since 1992 we have translated all kinds of texts for the smooth completion of commercial agreements, dozens of texts for the tourism promotion of Public Organisations and national or international Bodies, as well as hundreds of texts regarding private initiatives in a variety of sectors, such as Transport, Catering, and Recreation.

Revision of translations and quality specifications

All texts undertaken by Glossima & Wehrheim’s team are thoroughly revised (proofreading/editing). Especially on Commerce and Tourism, as the texts that serve these sectors are very large in number and the use of each text is unique, every project is checked when received with regards to what business action it will serve.

Depending on the business action each translation project will serve, Glossima & Wehrheim’s project managers are trained to make decisions prior to translating. For example, if the document in question is a contract for a new commercial agreement, the decision to be made is simple. The text must be translated by a specialist translator or law professional.

If it is a printed advertisement action of a promotions organisation for a specific region, then the text must be assigned to translators with a background in history–archaeology, who are very well versed in writing promotional tourism copy. If, however, it is a restaurant menu, an online booking platform, an e-shop, etc. the decisions become more complex.

We check the audience the message will address in order to shape the “language” appropriately, the specifications related to the medium that will host the business action in question (e.g. digital environment), and, naturally, the specific audience the message or action will address.

In that case, we are not necessarily in search of translators. For example, translating specialised menus is assigned to chefs or gastronomy professors, so the dishes are properly adapted to another language.

Confidentiality and professional liability

At Glossima & Wehrheim we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents in writing.

Handling the confidentiality of your documents is standard practice for us. It is understood by all our employees and associates. Contact the head of quality assurance at Glossima & Wehrheim and/or our Marketing department, and they will inform you on how your documents are protected.

We watch your language, both as regards the quality of the translation you will receive, and we also have organisational and administrative measures in place, utilising high-tech means, to protect your personal data and business secrets.

Popular translations for Tourism and Commerce

  • Instruction manuals for general- and special-purpose electrical and electronic devices
  • Partnership contracts and agreements
  • Customs documents
  • Technical manuals, know-how exchange materials
  • Sales invoices and accounting documents
  • Software licenses
  • Bills of lading and documents accompanying goods being transported
  • Tourism promotion documents
  • Websites & e-shops
  • Hotel promotion documents
  • Online booking platforms
  • Menus & catering texts

Besides translation services we also provide:

  • proofreading and editing of translated texts
  • rendering of terminology (translation of terms without context)
  • transcription of conference proceedings
  • certification of translations
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services
  • event coverage technical equipment

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