Frequently, the translation of a legal text serves as an ‘authentic text’ that is equivalent to the original.
Glossima & Wehrheim’s permanent staff includes translators specialising in this particular field, as well as doctors of law and licensed lawyers. The localisation of texts in the target language and their adaptation to the relevant legal system is part of our standard procedure. This allows us to handle every legal translation project as an actual legal case and not merely as a translation.

Professional experience

From 1992 until the present, we have been translating legal documents for private clients, enterprises and government institutions on a daily basis. Some examples include:
• Over 10,000 pages of legal texts translated from English and French into Greek and vice versa for the European Commission and other EU agencies
• Over 6,000 pages of references for preliminary rulings translated from Greek into French and German, and from German, English, Spanish and Italian into Greek

Since 2009, we have been on the European Court of Justice’s list of selected contractors

Confidentiality and professional liability

At Glossima & Wehrheim we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents in writing. Moreover, all our services are covered by professional liability insurance.

Legal terminology

Over the last twenty years, we at Glossima & Wehrheim have been creating terminology databases according to branch of law (e.g. civil, criminal, contractual, maritime, tax, property, insurance, corporate and commercial law). This unique and valuable tool, together with comprehensive collection of legal books and specialised dictionaries, is always at the disposal of our translators.

Revision of legal translations and quality specifications

All translations at Glossima & Wehrheim are thoroughly revised (proofreading/editing). Especially when it comes to the translation of legal texts, we use terminology consultants (legal experts, lawyers, scholars) whenever the need arises.

Popular legal translations

• Regulations, laws and directives
• Contracts
• Commercial agreements
• Issues regarding intellectual and industrial property
• Legal actions and court judgments

In addition to translation, our services in the field of law include:

• proofreading and editing of translated texts
• rendering of terminology (translation of terms without context)
• transcription of proceedings and conferences
• certification of translations
• simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services (legal conferences, consecutive interpreting in court, etc.)

For more information on the language pairs we cover for the field of law, see languages