Glossima & Wehrheim is an authority among translation agencies in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Our team knows exactly how demanding these translations are and does not take its work lightly as even the slightest translation error could have serious implications for people’s health. Therefore, at Glossima & Wehrheim we minimise any possibility of error by selecting the most suitable translators and having our texts painstakingly revised by more than one proofreader.

Professional experience

Ever since its establishment, Glossima & Wehrheim has had a well-organised medical/pharmaceutical translation department. We have gained considerable experience in texts falling into these disciplines by providing our services to a great number of multinational enterprises operating in the health sector, and also through our steady collaboration with agencies such as:

  • The European Medicines Agency, for which we have translated over 6,000 pages of summaries of product characteristics (SPC) from 2000 to date.
  • The European Commission: translation of the following projects:
    • Global Medical Device Nomenclature (more than 4,000 pages)
    • IATE term base (10,000 medical terms)
  • Various enterprises and private clients: Translation of texts including: 
    • Patents for products intended for medical use (chemical compounds that are produced using recombinant DNA technology, 3,000 pages) 
    • Reagents, user manuals for medical devices (5,000 pages).

Also, our team undertook the translation and publication of a dictionary of medical engineering in three languages (16,000 entries). For more information, see publications.

Confidentiality and professional liability

Our translators are often entrusted with medical reports/opinions, summaries of product characteristics and other material of a confidential nature. We at Glossima & Wehrheim commit ourselves to protecting the confidentiality and secrecy of any content disclosed to us, in writing. Moreover, all of our services are covered by professional liability insurance.

Medical terminology

Our translators who specialise in this field have the necessary academic knowledge of the health sector and enjoy access to the specialised dictionaries, translation memories and terminology glossaries we have accumulated over the years. This helps us ensure that our use of terms is consistent with each medical specialty.

Revision of translations and quality specifications

Every translation at Glossima & Wehrheim is thoroughly revised (proofreading/editing). Particularly when it comes to the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts, we work closely with doctors from all specialties in order to ensure the accurate and proper use of terminology.

Popular medical/pharmaceutical translations

  • Medical opinions and reports
  • Reports on global health
  • Instructions for use of medicines
  • Manuals for medical/diagnostic devices
  • Academic medical texts

In addition to translation, our services in the field of medicine include:

  • proofreading and editing services
  • rendering of terminology (without context)
  • transcription of proceedings of medical conferences
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services (medical conferences, consecutive interpreting between patients and doctors, etc.)

For more information on the language pairs we cover for medical and pharmaceutical sciences, see languages.