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In the context of export commerce and know-how transfer between countries, excellent language communication is a must. Glossima & Wehrheim’s team is here to undertake any translation project and to consistently support your every venture. Our translators in the Science and Technology sector are selected based on their knowledge and skills, both regarding translation and their field of expertise on a case by case basis. For example, translations in the field of electricity are assigned to electrical engineers/translators with the relevant professional experience.

Professional experience

Since 1992 we have translated thousands of scientific and/or technical documents, covering an enormous range of fields, such as Environmental & Renewable Energy Sources, IT & Telecommunications, Medical Technology, Mechanics & Engineering, Architecture & Construction, etc. Examples include:

  • 30,000 pages of European Standards translated from English, French and German into Greek (for ELOT)
  • More than 190,000 pages regarding international trademarks/industrial and intellectual property on behalf of the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market from 25 official EU languages into Greek
  • 180,000 technical and scientific terms and definitions from English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish into Greek (for the IATE terminology database)
  • Translation of International Chemical Safety Cards 5,000 pages for the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
  • More than 6,000 pages of patents on chemical compounds that are produced using recombinant DNA technology translated from English into Greek
  • Thousands of pages of machinery or tool user manuals from and into Greek.

Revision of translations and quality specifications

All texts undertaken by Glossima & Wehrheim’s team are thoroughly revised (proofreading/editing). Particularly when it comes to technical texts that include images and graphs, etc., Glossima & Wehrheim provides its team with suitable software so that it can process any content and deliver it in a file format that best suits your needs.

Scientific Technical Terminology

All Glossima & Wehrheim translators have access to the company’s exclusive translation tools, as well as translation memories, dictionaries, and terminology per field, in order to ensure consistent terminology throughout the text, no matter how long.

By assigning the translation of technical and scientific texts to Glossima & Wehrheim you ensure accurate translations produced by professional translators with a mother tongue in the target-language, who specialise in the field of your interest.

Confidentiality and professional liability

At Glossima & Wehrheim we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents in writing. Handling the confidentiality of your documents is standard practice for us. It is understood by all our employees and associates. Contact the head of quality assurance at Glossima & Wehrheim and/or our Marketing department, and they will inform you on how your documents are protected. We watch your language, both as regards the quality of the translation you will receive, and literally, having put organisational and administrative measures in place, utilising high-tech means to protect your personal data and business secrets.

Popular translations in the field of science and technology

The most popular translations in the science and technology sector are:

  • Instruction manuals for general- and special-purpose electrical and electronic devices
  • Patents
  • Technical specifications

Besides translation services we also provide:

  • proofreading and editing of translated texts
  • rendering of terminology (translation of terms without context)
  • transcription of conference proceedings
  • certification of translations
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services

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