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After having translated more than 800 websites of varying subject matter into at least 35 languages, we are confident that we know what we are doing. At Glossima & Wehrheim we are fully aware that the translation of a multilingual website requires the text be adapted to the cultural characteristics of the target-language.
Our experienced translators take into account while translating, on the one hand, the marketing criteria (who our target audience is and what our goals are), and, on the other, the cultural specificities of each country the product or service is addressed to, so that the information “speaks to” the right audience and in the right language.

Recognising market trends

In recent years the R&D department at Glossima & Wehrheim further developed the ‘website translation’ service, in accordance with the market trends (digital sales, marketing, and advertising). It added new technical specifications, so that, beyond language quality, our clients enjoy a completely new service that combines traditional translating with digital techniques. We watch your language on the internet, too, and this is how:

Website translation process:

  • Translation by specialised translators with the target-language as their mother tongue, who “get” your audience and the rhythm of your target market, adding local elements to your website’s content (website localisation).
  • SEO translation, namely translation/collation of texts for a website in another language, using specific techniques, so that your page is upgraded through the text and appears at the top of search results.

Specifically, SEO translation includes:

  • Translation and research of key-words in the target-language
  • Translation based on guidelines and rules, so that the final volume of text is determined by SEO techniques.
  • Incorporation of translated key-words in the existing text
  • Incorporation of key-words during translation
  • Research and translation of the key-words (with the help of the key-word planner or other tools)

Make your page stand out

A translator’s job in this case is very demanding. On the one hand they must convey the text using “powerful” language, namely, a vocabulary that provokes interest on the side of the reader/potential customer. On the other hand, they must take into account specific words or parameters, which, from a technical perspective, bring high traffic to the website, without however altering the meaning or compromising the quality of the language.

Request more information regarding translation and localisation for your website, as well as the additional SEO translation services from Glossima & Wehrheim’s marketing department, and watch your website stand out from the crowd and your sales take off!

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