An interpreter becomes the voice of the speaker while translating. Their mission is to convey equal meaning in another language with regards to the intention, content, and goals of the speaker.

Why are Glossima & Wehrheim and interpreting so closely intertwined?

  • 36 years of experience
    In 1982 we created the first organised interpretation business in Greece
  • More than 500 congresses on varying subject matter (medical, law, environmental, cultural, technical, scientific, etc.)
    Continuously being added to
  • Experienced professional interpreters, specialising in specific fields, and with the target-language as their mother tongue
    Exclusive partnerships with internationally renowned interpreters
  • Confidentiality and with respect for professional secrecy
    We are very gratified when you entrust us with your ventures

So you’re in need of an interpreter. Now what?

So you know you need an interpreter, but you are not exactly sure of the type of interpreting that is appropriate for your event. Consecutive, simultaneous, or whispered interpreting?

You can learn everything about the type of interpreting that is right for you, because properly organising interpreting makes up 50% of your venture’s success.

Simultaneous interpreting

If you organise international congresses, the service you are looking for to cover your event’s language needs is simultaneous interpreting (interpreting in a booth). This service provides participants and attendees with the opportunity to follow the works of the congress in a language they understand, through the use of headphones. The interpreter is located in a specially equipped space (booth) and translates as the speaker speaks. Via the equipment, the participants with headphones (also known as receivers) can follow the works, participate, ask questions, respond, and interact with their colleagues in one language.

Three requirements for quality simultaneous interpreting

  • Professional interpreters with the target-language as their mother tongue
  • Cutting edge translating equipment
  • Sound technical support during the congress

Do you organise international congresses? We provide integrated interpreting solutions

Glossima & Wehrheim can serve as a one-stop shop for directly and fully covering the needs of your conferences, from the interpreting of speeches to your translation equipment. The most well established events companies trust our experience in this sector, as we have undertaking coverage of translation needs for dozens of international, developmental, and business congresses.

In particular, our services in the area of conference planning include:

  • translation of papers and parallel texts
  • interpreting of speeches and presentations
  • transcription and translation of proceedings
  • hire and operation of translation equipment, etc.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is useful when addressing an audience with few members. In-company seminars, training, business proposal presentations to international investors, press releases, business delegations to other countries, business meals and meetings, signing commercial agreements and notary acts, are just some of the cases in which consecutive interpreting is necessary, so that two parties speaking different languages achieve a common result.

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

It is common at congresses or meetings for all the participants to speak the same language… except for one of them! In that case, the appropriate interpreting solution is whispered interpreting. The interpreter sits or stands next to the participant requiring interpreting and whispers the translation to them. The goal is to assist the participant in understanding the meaning of what is being said, without disturbing the other participants.

Besides simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting, at Glossima & Wehrheim we also offer telephone interpreting, video interpreting, and remote interpreting.

Contact Glossima & Wehrheim’s interpreting department today and find out all the details that concern you.

Popular interpreting services provided at

  • Congresses
  • Courts
  • Business meetings
  • Cultural events
  • Sports and other events
  • Press conferences

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