Glossima & Wehrheim in a nutshell

  • More than 30 years of translation experience
  • 35 languages – 60 language combinations 200 translation experts in 60 countries
  • Proven expertise in a number of disciplines
  • Certified services
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Cutting-edge translation software guaranteeing top translation quality, competitive rates and fast delivery times
  • Exclusive translation tools and terminology publications
  • Delivery of professional translations, ready for publication or any other use
  • What defines Glossima & Wehrheim: its passion and insistence on perfection


35 languages at our fingertips

You may never need a document translated into Saami, but you may be interested to learn that Glossima & Wehrheim is connected to the few professionals who translate into rare languages, like Saami. Through Glossima & Wehrheim, you have access to a broad network of specialised translators, proofreaders and interpreters of the highest standard, with 35 different native languages and available expertise in their fields.

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Areas of expertise


Frequently, the translation of a legal text serves as an ‘authentic text’ that is equivalent to the original. Glossima & Wehrheim’s permanent staff includes translators specialising in this particular field, as well as doctors of law and licensed lawyers. The localisation of texts in the target language and their adaptation to the relevant legal system is part of our standard procedure.

Science & Technology

Today’s export trade and the exchange of know-how among different countries require a high standard of linguistic communication. Glossima & Wehrheim’s team is here to undertake any translation project and to consistently support your every venture.

Finance & Commerce

Development proposals, texts on banking products and consulting firms, balance sheets, audit reports and prospectuses of companies and organisations all came under Glossima & Wehrheim’s magnifying glass so that it could provide an accurate rendition of their content.


At Glossima & Wehrheim we provide translations that not only convey the message of the original text with the same force, but also give a competitive advantage to the product or service you are offering, thus contributing to the achievement of your strategic goals.

Art and Culture

At Glossima & Wehrheim, we work with literary writers and art historians so that the rendering of artistic expression or the translation of art texts into different languages actually reflect to the writer’s intentions.


At Glossima & Wehrheim we guarantee that every software translation will allow users to fully benefit from the possibilities provided by the software, thus contributing to the product’s commercial success.