Certified translations

Glossima & Wehrheim is a certified translation services provider, recognised by the French, Belgium, German and Italian consulates in Thessaloniki as well as the US, French and Lithuanian Embassies in Athens. 

We also have permanent collaborations with Bar Association approved lawyers and translators from Ionian University.

επίσημη μετάφραση και επικύρωση για κάθε νόμιμη χρήση

The type of certification depends on the body that your document is being addressed to, the specifications laid out and the legal framework.

Certifications in foreign languages

Glossima & Wehrheim provides certified translations in foreign languages from: 

  • Certified translation services provider according to ISO 17100 
  • Translators approved by the consulate or embassy of the target country 
  • Graduates from the Translation Department of Ionian University 
  • Sworn translators in each foreign language. 

As a rule, the professional translator’s stamp suffices while very often, depending on the target country, embassies and consulates are responsible for certifications.
When it is required that the translation, apart from the translator’s stamp, also bears the stamp of the embassy or consulate, one of the two certifies the translation provided it is signed by its approved translator, i.e. who appears on its list of approved translators.

Certifications in Greek

Glossima & Wehrheim provides certified translations into Greek from: 

  • Certified translations service provider (ISO 17100 stamp) 
  •  Bar Association authorised lawyers 
  • Sworn translators in the Greek language and translators from the Ionian University


The fee for a translation is related to the language combination (from and into which languages it’s being translated), the subject matter (text type, level of specialisation) and the size (number of words) of the text or document.

The formal fee is calculated per word of the original text. Since each translation job is a unique project, the precise cost of a translation is calculated after the text or document to be translated has been examined. Very often repeated contents in a text allows us to apply significant discounts. This is why we urge our clients to send us their texts so that we can, beyond the subject matter or other features of the job, examine the extent to which there are repetitions in the content.

Fill in the quote request form or contact us at [email protected] to receive our quote free of charge.

The Hague seal or Apostille is not a translation validation. It is placed on the original document and the translator is obliged, given that the document bears the Hague Seal, to translate it. Essentially it is an integral part of the document to be translated. Only official documents can bear the Hague Seal. If the document is not an official one (for instance, a telephone bill is not an official document), it cannot bear the Hague Seal.

Whether an official document requires a Hague Seal or not depends on the country the original document was issued. Also, confidential documents (discharge from military service or discharge papers) do not have a Hague Seal attached.

For Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Turkey the Hague Seal is not required for the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Family Status certificate
  • Wedding certificate
  • Wedding leave


As for the official documents issued in Greece, the Hague Seal is issued in Athens by the Administration Directorate – Citizens’ Secretariat and Information Department for the Decentralised Administration of Attiki, and in Thessaloniki by the Region of Central Macedonia. In the other municipalities it is issued by the specific places concerned.

The average productivity rate for a translator is calculated at 2,000 words per day. However, since translators may already have other ongoing translation orders, the fastest delivery time is one day for texts of up to 1,000 words. Where there are texts of large bulk with a tight delivery deadline, Glossima & Wehrheim may divide the project up among a translation team working at the same time. The quality of the work is ensured by assigning it to be checked by a single quality reviewer (proofreader).
Contact one of Glossima & Wehrheim’s project managers today to discuss the best possible delivery time.

To settle the payment for the services provided, Glossima & Wehrheim accepts cash, bank transfers, paypal as well as payment by credit card in up to three equal interest-free instalments.

Glossima & Wehrheim meets the specifications of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Additionally, all Glossima & Wehrheim’s partners and employees are bound by confidentiality contracts for any kind of data processed during the performance of their duties (company plans, legal cases, etc.), while they are also have ongoing training on security and confidentiality issues. Documents that contain sensitive or personal data are kept for one year with the consent of the interested parties. Other electronic records and data are kept very safe for 20 years in a physical or digital environment.


Immediate delivery

We deliver within 1-2 working days from the job being assigned. In very urgent cases we will try to cater for you on the same day.



Excellent quality

We watch your language…with double and even triple checking. In this way, we’ll drastically reduce the likelihood of there being an error in the translated documents. Complete your work stress free and without any delays.


Payment flexibility

We offer three different payment methods: Pay from wherever you are by credit card or debit card or paypal, by making a deposit into a bank account, and, of course, in cash at our premises.

Ask for more information on certification by the bodies you will be sending your documents to so as to prevent any delays or hassle later on.

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