Website Localisation

Going for the global market or for a new share of the market in a particular country? Orchestrate your strategic growth with Website Localisation from Glossima & Wehrheim.

What is website localisation?

Localisation of a text in general means translation by a native speaker translator who will bear in mind the target market, customs, traditions and culture of the audience. This may entail for a website updating of plans, images, photographs or videos which include non-editable text or symbols inappropriate for the new audience. It may also mean the partial or complete change in the initial contents so that they better suit consumer habits, opinions or preferences of the foreign-language audience. It could also mean new contents!

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Why Glossima & Wehrheim and Digital promotion?

• At Glossima & Wehrheim we rework the texts so that they have an equivalent emotional appeal and significance in the language and the culture of our target country, and also to the special audience being addressed. Our mission in every instance is to make sure you convey your message successfully in every country, in every language.
• Glossima & Wehrheim has an in-house marketing team staffed by experts in promotion and advertising. They train and organise translators and insist in techniques such as SEO translation, insertion of key words in the text, linking the contents with campaign adwords, content and integrated marketing strategies.
• Glossima & Wehrheim knows how to create content and offer comprehensive copywriting solutions in collaboration with the website builder.

We have collaborated with Glossima & Wehrheim for the past five years and confidently recommend their services for technical content translations, especially in the realm of sports products and product descriptions. The professionalism of their staff, combined with effective team collaboration and consistent translation quality, always meets our high standards.

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