With specialisation in fields such as law, technology, science, medicine, chemistry as well as art, the name of Glossima & Wehrheim is synonymous with quality publications, with Greek craft companies and industry, innovation and exports.

600 επαγγελματίες μεταφραστές και εξειδικευμένη μετάφραση για κάθε εγχείρημά σας.

Translation services suited to your requirements

Experienced project managers undertake your every project with a view to providing you with immediate and first class service. We offer project management of high specialisation because the quality of translation begins from the moment we receive your request, from the first scan or the first click on the content you have shown us.

Technology & Machine learning

At Glossima & Wehrheim we employ cutting-edge technology and machine learning in the right doses! Translation memories, glossaries and terminology bases, neural machine translation. Tools which, if they are used correctly, offer up to 100% improved services.
Without a human? No, with a human.
Without the technical know-how of the project managers at Glossima & Wehrheim who would show if a text is suitable for machine translation and without our experienced and trained editors, even the most evolved technology would not be enough for a comprehensive translation service.

Tips & Tricks for a comprehensive translation order

Each project has its own requirements In order that we may best serve you, when you make a request for a quote, please underline the following to the person who will serve you:

1. Language combinations, i.e., into which language(s) do you want us to translate.

2. A few words about your business, what end will your translated texts serve, the objectives and the specific audience or audiences.

3. Does your project require other additional services? Let us know from the outset if you will be needing certification, graphic design/processing or anything else beyond the translation.

4. Formatting of the translated text (electronically, hard copy, some other file type?)

5. Limits on the budget

6. Delivery time requirements

We would like to thank and congratulate GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM for the high quality translation services that we have been providing for all the years we have been working together. Official translations, multilingual communication in the Greek market and cooperation with reputable law firms gives GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM competitive advantages and makes us prefer their services and solve daily issues. We wish GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM to prosper and continue its work with the same consistency and professionalism.

Kiki Glikou

Secretary of Administration - Olympia Electronics

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