Medical & Pharmaceutical

Glossima & Wehrheim offers a full range of services in the medical/pharmaceutical sector. Our extremely well trained team can meet all the daily challenges: Quality assurance for zero translation errors, correct terminology for each medical or pharmaceutical discipline, responsibility and consistency in serving health protection.

Management of confidentiality

Everyone at Glossima & Wehrheim commits themselves in writing when it comes to confidentiality of the contents of texts. Handling the confidentiality of your documents is standard practice for us, a complete given for every employee and/or company partner.

We watch your words not only in terms of the quality of the translation that you will receive but also literally, taking organisational and administrative measures and employing sophisticated technical means in order to protect both your own personal data and your professional privacy.

Μετάφραση ιατρικών και φαρμακευτικών κειμένων σε 60 γλώσσες. Εχεμύθεια και εξειδίκευση.





ISO 17100

Medical terminology

Our partners in the specific fields possess the necessary academic knowledge in the health sector as well as having access to specialised dictionaries, translation memories and terminology thesauruses that the company has built up over the years. All this results in ensuring consistency in terminology in every medical specialisation.

Translations check and quality specifications

Especially with the translation of texts related to medicine and pharmaceuticals, we take care to collaborate with doctors of all specialities so that we ensure that we use the precise terminology.

Services in the Medical & Pharmaceutical sector

Professional experience

From 1992 until today we have been catering for private individuals, companies, public organisations and the European Union on a day-to-day basis so as to cover their translation needs in the field of medicine and pharmacology.  Hundreds of pages of translations done by us, dozens of specialised partners in our pool of translators and interpreters.

Stable collaboration with bodies such as:

European Medicines Agency

Glossima & Wehrheim for companies in the healthcare sector

Launch or develop your company globally with multilingual communication from Glossima & Wehrheim

  • Creative translation of promotional and advertising material. Create the correct profile for your company in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.
  • Website translation Translation of texts for web pages with the correct terminology and in the right register.
  • Multilingual localisation and graphic processing. Export or launch onto the Greek market healthcare equipment with the highest quality instruction manual. 
  • Interpreting and equipment for congresses Invite foreign partners to events that you hold and ‘speak’ their language.
  • AI and translation Increase the productivity in healthcare content with the potential provided by machine translation, and with the seal of Glossima & Wehrheim.

Excellent quality of translations, prompt and fast service.We would definitely recommend Glossima & Wehrheim for translations in the medical and paramedical industry.

Sotiris Castamonitis

Marketing manager - Paul Hartman Hellas