Science & technology

What role does Glossima & Wehrheim play in the dissemination of science and the exchange of know-how from country to country? Through our language services, we facilitate contacts, become a ‘multilingual voice’ for start ups and already established companies, for the public sector or for university institutions and import-export companies. We help you to approach your foreign-language audience or your partners abroad, smoothly and carefully.

Quality standards

All the texts that are processed by us at Glossima & Wehrheim are subjected to the strictest of checks (revision/review). In particular, regarding technical texts which contain images, graphs, etc., Glossima & Wehrheim has the appropriate software for its team to process any type of contents so as to deliver the correct kind of file for every circumstance.

Μετάφραση χημικών, ιατρικών, φαρμακευτικών και εν γένει επιστημονικών κειμένων. 100% εξειδίκευση.





ISO 17100

Nothing is more fascinating than to find yourself at the cutting edge of developments, to know about them, and sometimes even come up with an original idea. Indeed, that is our job.

Through studying texts concerning new technological trends, scientific discoveries, smart devices, tools and software which open up new vistas for man and thus, during their application from one language to another, we have the opportunity to become ourselves that little bit ‘smarter’. We are grateful for our profession, for the chance to be among – after the creators, of course – the first recipients of new scientific and technological content.

Science translators working in the cause of science

Our translators in the field of science and technology are selected based on their knowledge and skills, not just as regards translation, but also in respect of their knowledge of each field. For example, translations in the field of electrical energy are carried out by electrical engineers – translators with the corresponding professional experience.

Professional experience

From 1992 until today we have translated thousands of scientific and/or technical texts covering an enormous range of fields, environment & renewable energy sources, informatics and telecommunication, medical technology, engineering and mechanics, architecture and constructions, software, and so on.

Services for companies in the technological and technical sector.

Get your project on the move or import new technologies, find clients abroad with Glossima & Wehrheim language services. We offer to companies:

  • Localisation and graphic processing of operation manuals
  • Translation of patents
  • Translation of technical specifications
  • Translation of contract certifications
  • Interpreting for business meetings

Technology in the cause of technology

We employ cutting-edge technology (machine learning, neural machine translation, translation software and memories) for the translation of technical texts. Wherever of course, the structure, register and form of the file in the original content ensures that this practice can be successfully employed. That will become apparent to the experienced project managers at Glossima & Wehrheim as soon as they receive your request. The benefits? Greater productivity in shorter delivery time and a smarter management of resources.

Yesterday serving in the interests of today

Our long experience in the field, the huge volume of data that we have amassed in our 40 years have allowed us today to have our own superbly trained neural machine translation. Machines bearing the quality seal of Glossima & Wehrheim, texts and content which have been post-edited by our excellently trained post-editors. Thus we have come to today: we make it easier for you to translate a large instruction manual for tools, machinery and devices, hundreds of pages of technical specifications.

We would like to thank and congratulate GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM for the high quality translation services that we have been providing for all the years we have been working together. Official translations, multilingual communication in the Greek market and cooperation with reputable law firms gives GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM competitive advantages and makes us prefer their services and solve daily issues. We wish GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM to prosper and continue its work with the same consistency and professionalism.

Kiki Glikou

Secretary of Administration - Olympia Electronics