About us

For more than four decades now, our unwavering vision has been to offer the right multilingual content, depending on the particularities of every project we undertake. The countless various projects/tasks of private individuals and businesses which advanced or were completed with Glossima & Wehrheim’s language support, translations and texts adapted for their audiences, serving their purposes perfectly, all make us proud and spur us on to continuously seek out new solutions for yet better language services today. With the help of cutting-edge technology as well as our vital professional project managers, translators and copywriters, we watch your words, as though they were our own.

Forty+ years of unbroken collaboration with domestic and international industry and production, Greek importers and exporters, the European Union and the broader public sector.

What we offer

With a clear focus on innovation and bespoke language solutions, we offer a unique breadth of services.

Το μεταφραστικό κέντρο Glossima & Wehrheim "γράφει" 40 χρόνια ιστορίας.

Specialisation per corporate or professional field

Can a subtitler with Greek as their mother tongue undertake the rendering of a legal text into the German legal system? The answer is most likely ‘no’. Glossima & Wehrheim allows you access to professional linguists and translators with 60 different native languages as well as specialisation according to field or the nature of the service. We select the most suitable professional each circumstance and at the right time.






ISO 17100

What sets us apart

ISO 17100 quality standard, compliance with GDPR, recognition by international consulates and embassies, professional liability, know-how and experience, the unfailing use of feedback from our clients and partners is for us a sound basis. The basis in order for us to provide added value to services which support and protect our clients’ projects.

What sets Glossima & Wehrheim apart is its tailored proposals, its flexibility and consultative role so that together we can find the appropriate service to match your objectives to the full. Talk over your project with us. You’ll discover that a quite unique management idea will emerge.


An excellent translation is one which will fully meet the specifications of the project and not the preferences of the translator.

From urgent jobs, to translations with strict quality specifications, particular requirements vis-à-vis the target, creativity, register, budget ceilings (or not), we formulate specific proposals for language support based on the ‘filters’ we choose together.

Flexibility & Creativity

There are many automated procedures regarding the producing of foreign language texts, technology exists to serve the branch of translation so as to more immediately meet the continuously growing demands for multilingual communication. No technology however has the capacity to manage the unique and varied translation projects with a single automated process. For that reason, choose Glossima & Wehrheim, which will use technology to your advantage, on the basis of a specialised human service provider, a collaboration to ensure the best possible professional solution for your language task.