Commerce & finance

Set out a global business strategy, facilitate your partnerships abroad, analyse and measure…your strengths against the competition with multilingual content – quality translations in the field of finance, through Glossima & Wehrheim.

Confidentiality and professional liability

At Glossima & Wehrheim we make a written commitment as regards confidentiality of the contents of documents. Managing the confidentiality of your documents is for us a standard practice, an absolute given for every person working in the company.

Contact Glossima & Wehrheim’s quality assurance manager and/or the marketing department to find out about how we protect your documents.

Σφραγίστε τις συνεργασίες σας με το εξωτερικό με μετάφραση οικονομικών κατατάσεων και ισολογισμών σε 60 γλώσσες.





ISO 17100

Professional experience

From 1992 until today we have been working with many and varied finance institutions, the Ministry of Finance and the Economy, the State General Accounting Office as well as the European Commission and other European institutions and agencies.

For companies in the sector or commerce and economy we provide:

Our texts which have been published and are published online

  • The European Financial Stability Facility
  • The European Investment Fund
  • The European Banking Agency (EBA)
  • The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
  • The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) 
  • Listed and non-listed Societe Anonymes

Financial & Banking terminology

Multilingual specialised dictionaries and terminology thesauruses, translators specialised in the sector of Economy, terminology consultants and professional accountants, bankers, company consultants make up the translation service for financial contents with the stamp of Glossima & Wehrheim.

Do you participate in international competitions?

We undertake the translation of financial statements/reports, contracts and other evidence and documents pertinent to your proposal at fast delivery times so as to meet your needs for a comprehensive technical bid.

For the excellent feedback and the great job done for the translation of our Brochure into 6 languages, for the very well-organized way of delivery and the exceptional attention paid to each detail - we recommend Glossima definitely! Congrats for the great job! Glossima dealt with our request in the best possible way and provided us excellent translation services! Thank you all for your cooperation!

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