When the means of communication is the big or small screen, when the viewer doesn’t speak the language of the original sound or can’t hear it, when the spoken word is converted into the written…that’s when we have subtitling.

Βάζουμε υπότιτλο σε ταινίες και σειρές, podcasts και youtube posts

Corporate videos, promotional and advertising material, seminars and educational material, cinema films and documentaries, conference presentations, interviews: just a few of the subtitling projects Glossima & Wehrheim take on. Especially during the pandemic, the increasing tendency for audio-visual company communication, for on-line conferences and training, boosted hugely also the provision of subtitling services at a global level. A tendency which appears to be here to stay.

Size and time matter!

Subtitling comprises acoustic translation or written translation of the original subtitled text, srt, and follows every rule for professional translation plus one more. The subtitle must ‘fit in’ and ‘drop’ , that is to say the size of the translation must not exceed the set number of characters and must synchronise correctly with the sound, i.e. ‘drop’ at the right moment.


At Glossima & Wehrheim we commit ourselves in writing when it comes to the confidentiality of the contents of your audio-visual material. Handling confidentiality is standard practice for us, a complete given for every employee and/or company partner.

Contact Glossima & Wehrheim’s quality assurance manager and/or the Marketing department to find out about how we protect your data.

We watch your words not only in terms of the quality of the translation that you will receive but also literally, taking organisational and administrative measures and employing sophisticated technical means in order to protect both your own personal data and your professional privacy.