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Strictly appropriate...

The mark or brand is the general idea or perception the audience forms about a product, service or organisation. And one of the vital ingredients forming this perception in our audience is our ‘voice’. Discreet or captivating, refined or bubbly, emotional or strictly professional. In short, that which deservedly represents us to the world ‘out there’, which conveys the right image, the most suitable.

This is where the creators come in

Copywriting, in contrast to translation where there must be a source document, is a service which starts from scratch: the professional copywriter, apart from having a complete mastery of the language and being very cultivated, must have knowledge of marketing and possess excellent know-how when it comes to drafting promotional and advertising texts and/or broad knowledge of digital communication (SEO, interactions, call to actions, language UX).

Their task is to put in words an original idea. Then, they have to conjure up a text. Finally, they must have a talent with a sharp empathy so as on the one hand to ‘feel’ the brand or the requirements of the project and on the other to read the psychology of the target audience.

This is in fact quite a technical as well as elaborate task requiring talent and a lot of effort, but the result will make it all worthwhile.

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Tips & Tricks for a proper copywriting order

Before writing:

Share out as much material as you can. Copywriting cries out for information. The more information there is, the more juicy the idea. The clearer the details are, the more on target the texts will be.

Discuss this with the project manager who will be assisting you with the central idea, your objectives, resolve any queries, clarify the strategy of your promotion or forge a new one in collaboration with the copywriter, make decisions.

During the drafting:

Provide creative feedback on the first drafts, help the copywriter to optimise their ideas.

Extra tip

Don’t wait for the texts to be completed before making new decisions Any change in the concept will open up another cycle of wholesale changes (round of changes), a procedure bringing about delays in delivery and extra costs.