It stirs great interest and diversity, can bring immediate dividends, achieves measurable targets, gives satisfaction to the professional providing it, to its creator. What is it? It’s the multilingual contents of Marketing: You’ve landed on the right page.

The A to Z of Marketing

We put our experts in marketing at your disposal: copy writers and specialist translators who, apart from promoting Glossima & Wehrheim, will also manage your requests. A whole marketing department for you!

Μετάφραση Marketing από τους ειδικούς. Στη διάθεσή σας μεταφραστές, κειμενογράφοι και SEO experts!





ISO 17100

What's at stake with a translation and localisation

Promotional and advertising texts are perhaps the crucial means of communication between a business and the public it is addressing.

Synergy for effective communication

Important information for useful contents

Text & marketing reading from the same song sheet

We offer in the field of Marketing:

· Original content and website translation
· Multilingual localisation flyer
· Subtitles or dubbing for corporate or product videos
· Slogans and advertising messages adapted for a foreign public
· Translation of educational material presentations on the subject of Marketing
· Translation of key words
· Translation of SEO [Search Engine Optimisation]
· Translation of google adwords campaign
· Creation of text and translation for social media

We were very impressed by the fast turnaround and quality of translation work delivered by Glossima & Wehrheim. Professional, competent and clear communicators; would be happy to recommend to others.

Ali Naqvi

Business Partner- Neo@Ogilvy