Art & culture

Translation for art and culture brings the joy of conveying fresh artistic ideas and creations. On other occasions you are witness to the most amazing archaeological discoveries, you ‘commune’ with archaeological sites, exhibits and museums from around the world.

Everyone in for Art and Culture

Specialist translators, historians, exhibition curators and archaeologists are enlisted depending on the field of each project. We avail you of the best, most experienced, the experts.
We carry out two or perhaps three checks from a second, different translator, on texts intended for uploading onto websites, which accompany exhibits in situ or in exhibition locations, we scrutinise up to the last full stop for catalogues or publications.

40ετής πείρα στη μετάφραση αρχαιολογικού περιεχομένου. Μετάφραση για την Τέχνη και τον Πολιτισμό.





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Management...a sound work of art

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The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki (MOMus) has frequently collaborated with the company Glossima & Wehrheim and certifies that the translations and interpreting services provided by the company are of remarkably high-quality standards. The management and staff of Glossima & Wehrheim handle the tasks with great responsibility and consistency, offering an exceptionally satisfactory result within the agreed timetable, a fact that is confirmed throughout our long-term collaboration.

Maria Tsantsanoglou

Deputy General Director of MOMus