Public and corporate documentation

What is Glossima & Wehrheim? A modern service provider which offers vertical language services to companies to assist their every professional and entrepreneurial step, a reliable partner. For every transaction you make with domestic, public bodies or foreign partners, for every translation need you have, place your trust in Glossima & Wehrheim’s official translations department.

Quality specifications

All the texts the people at Glossima & Wehrheim examine are subject to strict proofreading (revising/reviewing). In particular with the technical texts which may include images, graphs, etc., Glossima & Wehrheim has in its translation team the suitable software to process any type of contents and deliver the appropriate file type for every circumstance.

Επίσημη μετάφραση, εφάμιλλη του, κατάλληλη επικύρωση εγγράφων ανά περίσταση.





ISO 17100

40 years of translation and document certification

Certifications in foreign languages

At Glossima & Wehrheim we provide certified translations into foreign languages from: 

  • Certified translation services provider according to ISO 17100 
  • Translators approved by the consulate or embassy of the target country. 
  • Graduates of Ionian University, Translation Department 
  • Sworn translators in each foreign language 

Normally a stamp by the professional translator suffices, while, depending on the target country, often consulates or embassies are competent for certifications. 

When it is required that the translation, apart from the translator’s stamp, also bears the stamp of the embassy or consulate, one of these certifies that the translation was translated by its approved translator, i.e. who appears on its list of approved translators. 

Certifications in Greek

Glossima & Wehrheim provides certified translations into Greek from: 

  • Certified translations service provider (ISO 17100 stamp) 
  • Bar Association authorised lawyers
  • Sworn translators in the Greek language and translators from the Ionian University, etc.

The accurate and timely translation of official and other corporate documents into a multitude of languages is a critical factor for the success of our project. For this reason, we have chosen and continue to collaborate with Glossima & Wehrheim, which consistently meets the high standards of our company with its quality work.

Tasos Kotziagkiaouridis