The written rendering of the spoken word. For Glossima & Wehrheim a work of precision. We ensure that the text which emerges has the appropriate formatting, the correct syntax and reads as flowing written language.

Απομαγνητοφώνηση συνεδρίων, podcast, ιδιωτικών συναντήσεων, εξέτασης μαρτύρων σε δικαστήριο

When a written rendering of the spoken word is necessary for further processing or other actions, for filing and typesetting of various cases, we call on the ‘fastest fingers’, the specialists in transcription.

Cutting-edge technology for serving mass production

We give a thumbs up to the newest tools. When there are large volumes, when time presses and the budget is tight, then Glossima & Wehrheim offers a flexible solution. We exploit the new technologies (speech recognition, etc.) and/or machine translation (should translation be needed) so as to meet these requirements in the best possible time and at the most advantageous price. Without a person? With a person. We examine the material in great detail. We deliver the suitable language product with the professional specifications.


At Glossima & Wehrheim we commit ourselves in writing as regards the confidentiality of the content of your audio-visual material. Handling confidentiality is standard practice for us, a complete given for every employee and/or company partner.

Contact Glossima & Wehrheim’s quality assurance manager and/or the Marketing department to find out about how we protect your data.

We watch your words not only in terms of the quality of the translation that you will receive but also literally, taking organisational and administrative measures and employing sophisticated technical means in order to protect both your own personal data and your professional privacy.