Tourism & Hospitality

Speak the language of your audience and develop a relationship with meaning. Assign Glossima & Wehrheim the task of creating multilingual content customisation which promises excellent customer experience and a high level of tourism and hospitality services.

We speak the language of hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality have always been crucial to the Greek economy. The nature of tourist activity presupposes a high level of language communication every step of the way. That’s why at Glossima & Wehrheim we have developed a department dedicated to the provision of language services exclusively for Tourism. Thus, by meeting your needs qualitatively, we feel that we are doing our bit for the country.

Καλύπτουμε τις μεταφραστικές ανάγκες ξενοδοχείων, εστιατορίων και τουριστικών καταλύμάτων





ISO 17100

Sound communication policy and excellent client experience for maximisation of reservations, top reviews an optimum result.

A sound communication policy means the proper voice for the occasion

35 languages and 60 language combinations to ‘invite’ ‘guests’ from around the globe.

Three decades of expertise in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The latest trends in language communication for tourism and hospitality

Text and translation for hospitality services into Norwegian and Russian? Translation of city guide into Hebrew? Religious tourism and polished publications into English? Translation of forms and reservations, Ux journey for booking engines? Creative text about spas in European languages as well as in Arabic? A 12-language speaking app guide for Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum? You have chosen your target audience, created a unique idea while we offered the top professionals for your multilingual project.

One-stop shop for hospitality too

We undertake content creation for your hotel or accommodation followed by the translation into foreign languages of your choice. Translators and copywriters work closely together so that a well-orchestrated, though also pluralistic, scenario results, hitting the right notes to attract tourists from the world over to a wonderful stay.

We collaborated with the translation company GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM as part of our contract with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki for the project 'The Museum Is Everywhere'. During our collaboration, GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM carried out highly specialized translations (archaeological and historical content) from Greek into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese. The translations made by GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM met high quality standards and excellently served the purpose of the project. The overall behavior of the staff at GLOSSIMA & WEHRHEIM was outstanding.

Athanasios Chatziathanasiou

Legal Representative -ARXNET S.A.