Multilingual international conferences, B2B meetings, corporate missions abroad+++? You will need the right ‘voice’, that is to say, the right professional interpreters who will support your multilingual oral communication.

Επαγγελματίες διερμηνείς για συνέδρια, B2B συναντήσεις, ιατρικού τουρισμού, επιχειρηματικές αποστολές.

Glossima & Wehrheim and interpreting...two identical meanings

In 1982 we created the first organised interpreting company in Greece. Since then we have completed more than 800 interpreting ‘missions’ at conferences as well as in B2B meetings, training, press conferences, presentations, etc. In an enormous range of fields (at medical, scientific, environmental, developmental, cultural, technical, legal congresses, athletic events, etc.)
Invariably providing the highest quality of interpreting and cementing our reputation. Why is that? Our network is composed exclusively of AIIC interpreters, EU accredited interpreters or professionals with years of experience and who are highly specialised. While, on the other hand, the same reputation and reliability widens the network of interpreters on a daily basis.

Distance brings us closer

The post-COVID-19 period has left its mark on interpreting. In order to meet the needs of interaction between countries and markets in the COVID period, technology was developed and know-how was gained so that interpreting could be provided over distance. Remote interpreting remains a flexible, infinitely easier manageable service which is more cost effective, facilitating in this way the rate of decision-making for multilingual communication. That is why it can, on an international level, bring us closer more easily.

Why so many choices...

There are many different choices when it comes to the type of interpreting, though only one is suitable for your project, one will perfectly cover your goals, for the right quality and budget. Talk with one of Glossima & Wehrheim’s interpretation advisers to find the best type for you.

Simultaneous interpreting

If you are holding international conferences, the service you are seeking for the linguistic needs of the event would be simultaneous interpreting (in a booth). This service allows the delegates and participants to follow via earphones the proceedings of the congress in a language they understand. The interpreter is seated in a booth and interprets while the person speaks. Through the equipment the participants who have earphones (or receivers) are able to follow the flow of the proceedings, to take part, ask, answer and interact with their colleagues in a common language.


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is useful when addressing a small number of people. Internal business workshops, training, presentation of business proposal to foreign investors, press releases, business missions to foreign countries, business lunches and meetings, signing of commercial agreements and notary deeds are some examples where consecutive interpreting is necessary in order to ensure that both sides who speak different languages can achieve a common goal.


Remote and distance

Remote interpreting occurs when all the participants are in different places, for example an online conference. Distance interpreting happens when the hosts and participants are to be found in the same physical space but the interpreters are in a different place. Other choices include interpreting for live streaming events, and so the list goes on. Whether it be remote or distance, the success or not of remote interpreting depends on:

  • Very careful organising
  • The highest-quality technical means (equipment, internet speed, interpreting platform)
  • The experience and specialisation of the interpreter in the remote provision of service.


Sign language interpreting

Interpreting in sign language is provided by fully trained and certified professional interpreters, members of the Sign Language Network (SLN). Glossima & Wehrheim is able to cover events or conferences in Greek sign language as well as in other European languages. We are pleased to say that requests for interpreting in Greek sign language increases by the year. This may suggest that diversity and inclusion policies are moving a step forward for members of Greek society.


Whispered or chuchotage interpreting

Often congresses or meetings are held when the participants speak the same language...apart from one person. In such cases, the best solution is the so-called whispered or chuchotage interpreting. The interpreter sits or stands beside the participant who needs the interpretation and whispers into their ear. The aim of this is to help the participant to comprehend the discussion without disturbing the rest of the participants.

One-stop shop

Glossima & Wehrheim can cover fully, immediately and comprehensively, as in a one-stop shop, the needs of your conference from the interpreting of the speeches to your translation equipment. Today’s established events hosting companies trust in our experience in this area, since we have undertaken the covering of interpreting requirements for dozens of international, developmental and corporate conferences.

In particular, our services for organising conferences include: