Voice-over for acoustic guidance, dubbing in films and documentaries, presentations in company videos. Enter the studio, Glossima & Wehrheim!

Μετάφραση και εκφώνηση κειμένου σε 60 γλώσσες!

A translation that’s music to your ears

Sound recording projects have a specific rationale, quite distinct from that of the written translation. We provide comprehensive sound recording services or individual services which accompany them. Together we select the optimum solution for your requirements in the appropriate foreign-language voice.

1. In the beginning…

First you assign us the translation of the file with the original contents. Let us know if the translation will be recorded (register, size of text, other specifications) to spare lost time and effort.

2. The voices

Next comes the research and testing/sampling of voices to find the right one. The decision is ultimately yours, depending on your project’s goals. All proposals are welcome. Whether you have imagined that the text will be read out in a man’s or woman’s voice, will be formal or informal is something you need to let us know.

3. In the studio

We collaborate with our studio, but if you have a proposal or indeed have your own recording and production studio, that’s fine by us. We give you the written translation and the voices or just the written translation. Flexibility makes for the best results.

Common sound recording services

Advertising and company videos

There’s something else we can do here. Create the concept and lines in Greek or English, translate – if needed – into the target language, find you the ‘voice’ and complete the process in the studio Alternatively, you can also be sent the video.

The procedure

1. send us the draft contents (visual as a video) without any text or with a rudimentary text outline
2. explain you goals and tell us about your audience
3. examine the contents that we’ll be creating for you and give us your feedback
4. listen to the various suggestions for the voice and choose the one that best suits you
5. You will then receive the final video with the sound incorporated (an/or background music).