Desktop Publishing (DTP)

When it’s a question of sophisticated formatting and the need for translation…DTP by Glossima & Wehrheim

Σελιδοποίηση κειμένων σε word, pdf και indesign από το γραφιστικό μας τμήμα.

DTP, or Desktop Publishing, is a service which accompanies translations of files with strong formatting (layout, design). You may hear from us ‘graphic processing of a translation’ since that is precisely what it is.

When will you need DTP...without even realising it?

Why you need a Glossima & Wehrheim DTP team

The most important reason is to have immediate contact and collaboration with translators, with those who carry out the initial task of translation. Consider that in a translation from Greek into Arabic or Hebrew, even into English, German or French for that matter, the length of the texts compared with the original will differ, sometimes a little, other times greatly. In particular those languages in right-to-left script should most likely have to be subjected to a new design.

Our translation team is ‘beside’ our graphic designer and follows the insertion into the foreign language contents, the new shaping of the margins, each word and each change, so as to keep the meaning and quality of the translated text.

Other reasons

-Saves on time and resources

-Perfect work with the mentality and facility of the one-stop- shop

-Cheaper and faster changes and updates after delivery

-Quality result with the assuming of all-round liability

Two different services, one all-encompassing order

Experienced graphic designers work together with our translation team so as, apart from localising the texts into the foreign language, they ‘transfer’ the design also, that is to say either by adapting the translation to the original or by re-creating a new prototype in the foreign language. Thus, each translation serves its purpose perfectly, having the same impact on the foreign language audience without complicated work stages and additional undertakings. The order begins and ends at Glossima & Wehrheim.

We deliver the final, formatted content in 60 languages

Technology and know-how for a cost-effective and simple DTP

Technology and know-how help once again. The translation tools and software we use allow us to work on the translation directly on the indesign and/or illustrator graphic design software. Therefore, we all save time, avoiding the after-translation laborious processing.

You don’t have access to graphic design package?

Perhaps we can do something about that. With the support of the person in charge of Glossima & Wehrheim’s graphic design department and based on our experience to get things done, perhaps we can guide you to finding the optimum solution.