E-commerce & translation a value-for-money investment!

If something determines the user’s experience (client experience) and the overall “taste” that the browsing in your online store leaves, it is the “words” you will say.
Το μεταφραστικό κέντρο Glossima & Wehrheim.


Drop shipping, direct export activity, why not? Our experience in translating and editing texts for dozens of online stores allows us to confirm today that the “opening” of Greek online stores abroad has indeed worked, at least for our customers! Based on this experience, we present you 4 elements that prove that professional translation of your e-shop is a strategic move and a value-for-money investment!

– Reputation and clientele If anything determines the user’s experience (client experience) and the overall “taste” left by browsing your e-shop, it is the “words” you say to them. When these “words” are in multiple languages, your audience multiplies. When these “words” are the right ones, then the chances of “buying” are also greatly increased. In e-shop translation it is not true that good is always expensive, but neither is it true that expensive is always good. Every e-shop has its own needs in terms of translation. Ask the experienced project managers at Glossima & Wehrheim for advice and guidance.

– More insights An experienced translator in the ecommerce field has seen many different e-shops and has even dealt with projects that may not have come to your attention. If you are so lucky in choosing a translator, he or she can also identify for you the “bad points” of the original, discuss them with you, provide you with an insight that will improve the performance of your e-shop. Make use of an experienced professional who will not just do “a translation” but will add value to your project.

– In the mind of the consumer An excellent translation by a native speaker of the target language can add more “spark” to the communication. Yes, this translator choice can stimulate interaction with your audience, it can even increase your organic results (SEO etc.). By assigning a native speaker translator to localize your e-shop, you are reaching the mindset of your audience. Don’t forget! the consumer “speaks” the same language as the translator and not you, the translator shares the same culture with your audience. In a sense, the translator is “the new consumer”.

– Recognisability With a “smart” translation you lay the foundations for a strong brand. How? Translators know how to “speak” for your brand. “In foreign languages” 😊. Help them to love your brand, to understand it as best as possible, by offering them, in addition to the texts to be translated, rich information about your project and your goals. With this mindset and with wise translation management, the translator will carefully “build” your texts, offering that extra something for your image in the foreign language. If, at the same time, all technical parameters have been taken into account when building your e-shop, if you apply a well-planned marketing strategy, your project can only “travel” safely and make you proud.

* Experienced project managers advise and guide you. Glossima & Wehrheim’s marketing department works together with your company’s marketing and promotion managers to further synergize your digital marketing strategy.


Concept & text: Anthi Boskou