Interpretation Services Elevated by Glossima & Wehrheim at Premier International Interreg IPA Event

Το μεταφραστικό κέντρο Glossima & Wehrheim.


Glossima & Wehrheim is excited to share our recent involvement in a key event that plays a pivotal role in enhancing cross-border cooperation in the Balkan region. On February 2, 2024, we had the privilege of providing expert interpretation services at the Info Day for the 1st Call for common projects proposals, a hybrid event aimed at fostering collaboration between participating countries, including Greece and North Macedonia.

Pioneering in Professional Interpretation Services

This engagement highlights our dedication to offering professional interpretation services that facilitate effective communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. At Glossima & Wehrheim, we understand the intricacies of language and its power to bridge communication gaps, ensuring every participant can engage fully and meaningfully in the dialogue.

Supporting Significant International Initiatives

Our participation in this prestigious event underscores our commitment to supporting significant international initiatives. By delivering high-caliber interpretation services, we enable clear and productive exchanges, essential for the success of cross-border projects. Our experienced interpreters are adept at navigating complex discussions, ensuring every voice is heard and understood.

Why Glossima & Wehrheim is Your Go-To Language Services Partner

Opting for Glossima & Wehrheim means choosing a partner committed to excellence, reliability, and precision in interpretation. We cater to a wide range of events, from large international conferences to more intimate gatherings, providing tailored language solutions that meet your specific needs. Our goal is to make every communication clear and impactful, transcending language barriers to facilitate genuine understanding and collaboration.

Moving Forward

As we continue to engage in and support events that aim to bring communities and nations together, Glossima & Wehrheim remains dedicated to enhancing communication across borders. We are eager to contribute to more initiatives that foster international cooperation and understanding. To learn more about how our interpretation services can support your next event, visit our contact page and reach out to us directly. Let us help you ensure that your event’s communication is flawless and inclusive. By Anthi Boskou, Communication Manager and Copywriter at Glossima & Wehrheim