Organization of Greek exports

9 basic conditions for better organisation of Greek exports
Το μεταφραστικό κέντρο Glossima & Wehrheim.


According to a survey conducted by EY global on behalf of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are 9 key parameters that need to be taken into account for the proper organization of Greek exports (download the full survey here). Read our short version below:

We are growing Why do we need to keep growing? Because it reduces our production costs and increases our potential to penetrate a larger market. And how do we do this by being a small or very small Greek company, with a lack of resources or poor financing possibilities? First of all, we think beyond the here and now. That is why we seek deals and mergers.

We plan A successful strategy in a domestic market doesn’t mean it will resonate in a foreign one. We create a strategy uniquely designed for the target market.

We set goals Exporting is a long-term goal. First we sow, then we cultivate and later we reap.

We collaborate We seek partnerships and alliances. We become part of a larger chain of export businesses so that we can be a link in it. In this way we may even be able to grow…

Focus on new technologies Without research and development we cannot ensure long-term export activity. Both innovation and the development of new products with a strong technological content lead to the creation of added value and thus bring greater benefits.

Investing in technology and capital equipment Production using cutting-edge technology reduces production costs and thus makes our products and/or services more competitive. Why not?

We make decisions A prerequisite for good decision-making is staffing the business with qualified personnel trained in decision-making. We move away from the family management model and delegate strategy and decision making to professionals. It looks scary but, in the end, we will be calmed down by “the numbers”…

We adapt Each market has its own requirements and peculiarities in terms of quality and product specifications, packaging, legal framework and the procedures followed. For this reason, we research, learn and focus on flexibility.

We select managers, not employees/ensure their continuous training Human capital in a company is the most important factor of production and one of the reasons why some companies are absent from international markets is the lack of suitable personnel. We carefully select our managers and give them responsibilities! We make sure that they are constantly trained in order to be always in the middle of developments or, even better, before them!

Concept & text: Anthi Boskou