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Transcreation θα πει μεταφράζω και ξαναγράφω το κείμενο για σωστή απήχηση

We’ve heard a great deal about this: metaplasia, cross-culturalism, transcreation or creative translation, though it is set on NOT being faithful. Transcreation or cross-cultural translation is an adaptation and freer rendering of a text into a foreign-language readership. The translator interprets the original content in such a way that quite often a completely new text results in the foreign language.

The degree of intervention into the text during the translation process will depend on the profile of the foreign language readership. If our readership ‘senses’ a relatively faithful translation without many new ideas or adaptations, then the ‘tinkering’ is minor. If though this is not the case?

If the attempt is to succeed, it is vital that the translator has, apart from fine writing skills, a very good understanding of the cultural differences between the two countries. That’s why we select professionals with their mother tongue as the target language while they live in the country of the source language or they may live in their home country but have resided in the country where the original contents were written.

Do I need transcreation? If ‘yes’, in what circumstances?

With transcreation the target audience determines the language to be employed, not the source text.