Translation of texts

A satisfactory translation demands special skills and knowledge, but an excellent translation requires talented professionals who are native in the target language, as well as revision by a second or even third translator. To us, a final, ready-to-use translation is one that has been:

  •  proofread by a second professional
  •  subjected to the editing process to ensure that it is consistent with its intended purpose and can be used as it is, without any further additions or corrections.

More than 1,000,000 pages translated
More than 20 years of experience
More field-specific expertise and a wider variety of texts and subject areas

At Glossima & Wehrheim, we are rightly proud of the number of pages we have translated, but what we mostly take pride in is the quality and diversity of the translations we offer our clients. To name just a few from the long list of texts we undertake:

  • Language certificates and government documents
  • Medical opinions, reports, findings and laboratory tests
  • Website translation and localisation
  • Software translation and localisation
  • Product identities (signs, labels, descriptions)
  • Legal and financial texts (contracts, documents, lawsuits, balance sheets, trade documents, commercial/business correspondence, etc.)
  • Technical manuals and instructions for use
  • Patents
  • Summaries of pharmaceutical product characteristics
  • Promotional texts
  • Scientific texts
  • Texts on culture
  • Texts on European legislation and policy, etc.

For further information on the area that interests you, see the section titled Areas of Expertise.

At Glossima & Wehrheim comprehensive service is our idea of service

At Glossima & Wehrheim we offer you far more than high quality translations; we offer comprehensive service by:

  • using the latest software to provide integrated solutions that cover the formatting of texts and file types 
  • guaranteeing delivery within the agreed deadline, even when projects are highly demanding or urgent
  • strictly observing confidentiality, both during the translation process and after delivery
  • providing quality-guaranteed translations and taking full responsibility for our work

Alignment – Memory Exporting

At Glossima & Wehrheim, we can create translation memories at the request of our clients through the use of our special translation software. In these cases, we request the original electronic file and the translated file, provided there is one, perform the necessary checks and create a translation memory for your future use.

Translation memory: a single tool with countless advantages

We use the latest translation software (SDL trados 2014 and other software) to align texts and export translation memories. In doing so, on the one hand we cover the global market’s increasing need for technology-assisted translation and, on the other hand, we enrich our databases on a daily basis, thus creating terminology lists and reference texts for future use. This helps us offer our clients faster service, lower rates and a quality translation.


Seal the quality of your translation with the know-how and experience of Glossima & Wehrheim. If you would like to improve a text you have translated, all you need to do is ask us to proofread it. 
Proofreading involves the comparing of an original text and its translation for the purpose of revising the latter. In particular, we check the following:

  • Completeness (i.e. if any parts of the original text have been left out in the translation)
  • Accuracy (of meaning and terminology)
  • Formatting (based on the original)
  • Syntax, spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Style and register (in line with the target audience)

Particularly when it comes to the translation of specialised texts with highly technical terms, in addition to our team of linguist proofreaders, we also work with academies and professionals from their respective fields (e.g. law, medicine, chemistry, economy and commerce), who revise the text while taking into account its intended use.


Editing involves the revision of a text in terms of the following:

  • Syntax, spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Accuracy (of meaning and terminology)
  • Style and register (in line with the target audience)

Rendering and verification of terminology

The translation of terms requires a great deal of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the language and discipline (medical, technical, legal, scientific and other terms). In these cases, translators are called on to render a foreign term into their native language without always having a specific context at their disposal. In order to do so, they must take on the role of a researcher who closely examines all information sources and the terms contained in dictionaries and terminology sources, and finally take responsibility for the correct rendition of each term. We at Glossima & Wehrheim have considerable experience in rendering terminology, and this experience is clearly reflected in our company’s publishing activities.


An interpreter becomes the voice of the speaker while translating. His/Her mission is to communicate the intentions, content and objectives of the speaker in another language, but with the same weight as in the original language. This requires critical thinking, excellent knowledge of syntax and the ability to distinguist the variations in the source language so as to render them just as accurately in the target language.

Our experience from 1992 to date can be summed up in at least 500 conferences and meetings of academic or commercial interest covering a wide range of topics (medicine, law, environment, culture, technical issues, commerce, marketing, science, press conferences, etc.).
We only work with professional interpreters who are experienced, qualified and native in the language in which they interpret. All of our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services at:

  • Conferences
  • Courts
  • Business meetings
  • Cultural events
  • Sports events, etc.

Do you stage international conferences? We provide comprehensive interpreting solutions.

Glossima & Wehrheim can serve as a one-stop shop for directly and fully covering the needs of your conferences, from the interpreting of speeches to your translation equipment. Leading events organising companies rely on our experience in this area, as we have undertaken to cover the translation and interpreting needs of dozens of international, development and business conferences.

In particular, our services in the area of conference planning include:

• translation of papers and parallel texts 
• interpreting of speeches and presentations 
• transcription and translation of proceedings 
• hire and operation of translation equipment, etc.

Hire of translation equipment

With the aim of providing comprehensive services to cover the conference translation needs of our every client, we have invested in the latest translation equipment. This equipment is available for hire and can be operated by our expert technicians.

Transcription of audio files or videos

For Glossima & Wehrheim, the transcription of audiovisual material, i.e. the conversion of speech into text, is a task of precision. We see to it that the resulting text has the suitable format, proper syntax and reads like flowing, written language.

Subtitling – Surtitling

Movies, theatre, art events and exhibitions are only a few of the cultural areas in which Glossima & Wehrheim has helped audiences understand what they were watching.

Subtitles and surtitles are the written translations of the lines heard in live performances (theatre, opera) or film productions (movies, documentaries, television series). They differ from other forms of translation in that translators must fit subtitles/surtitles into a limited space and time slot, while at the same time fully conveying the meaning and ambience of the language so that it has the same effect on the audience as the audio.

At Glossima & Wehrheim we work methodically. Our work is done in stages, starting with translation and adaptation or timing in order to match up the translated text with the corresponding spoken lines. Our experience in the provision of subtitling/surtitling services has grown through our long-term collaboration with cultural organisations and museums such as the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and other such organisations.

Voice-overs and recording services

Being aware of the ever-increasing needs of our clients for reliable audiovisual presentation, we have included voice-overs and studio recording among our services. Since 2000 we have been working with Thessaloniki’s most contemporary regarding studios. Depending on the requirements of each production, we assign such work to native speakers of the target language and actors with experience in voice-overs.

Our work in this field includes museum auto guides, the production of advertising spots, company videos and presentations.

Copywriting and transcreation

Copywriting, i.e. the creation of content that is suitable for promotional purposes and for the implementation of a business’ marketing strategy, is a highly demanding task that requires, in addition to experience in this field, talent and mastery of the target language.

Transcreation is a combination of translation and copywriting. This combination usually results in a new text adapted to the cultural characteristics and mentality of the target country. One can say that transcreation is, in fact, creation. 
A necessary requirement for successful transcreation is, apart from a talent in writing, familiarity with the cultural differences existing between the two countries. We therefore assign such projects to native speakers of the target language, who live in the country where the source language is spoken.

Glossima & Wehrheim is a reliable associate of many advertising agencies in Greece and abroad. We have written and translated a great number of advertising and promotional texts into different languages. Such texts include advertising brochures, pamphlets, slogans, corporate identities, promotional and advertising texts published in the press, etc.

We apply the following process:

  • We first meet with the client to discuss the objectives of the project, clarify any points, come up with a central idea and decide on any matters before we begin with the project
  • The text is then written by one of our qualified associates
  • Once completed, the draft is sent for editing by a marketing expert, before being forwarded to the client for any further comments.

Website & software localisation

Text localisation
At Glossima & Wehrheim we reformulate texts so that they can have the same emotional impact and meaning in the language and culture of the target country, and so that they can have the same impact on their specific target groups. Whatever the case, it is our mission to make sure that your message is successfully conveyed in every country and in every language.

Examples of localisation services:

Website Localisation
In order to translate a multilingual website, the text must be adapted to the cultural characteristics of the target language. At Glossima & Wehrheim, we take into account both marketing criteria and the culture of each country for which the product or service is intended. We have considerable experience in website translation and localisation and have translated over 200 websites of a commercial, artistic and scientific nature, covering a variety of themes, into at least 22 languages.

Software Localisation (apps, user interfaces)
We adapt your text to the foreign market you are targeting, thus bringing the text in line with local cultural characteristics and practices.

Official translation at Glossima & Wehrheim: 
Certified to ELOT EN 15038
Permanent staff members are registered with the Panhellenic Association of Translators
Ongoing cooperation with notaries and licensed lawyers

Certification or official translation

At Glossima & Wehrheim, we certify all types of translations (certificates, legal and medical documents, etc.) in several language pairs. This involves the stamping of the translation by an authorised professional and its attachment to the original document.